Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Audio from Future Forward 10

Just wanted to share the audio from four of our sessions at Future Forward 10, held last week at the Wellesley College Club.

- Rich Miner of Google Ventures and Emily Green of The Yankee Group talk about "Opportunities in a World of Anywhere Connectivity." (Miner and Green are pictured here.) Moderated by Antonio Rodriguez of Matrix Partners. [ MP3 ]

- Bob Davis of Highland Capital Partners interviews CSN Stores co-founders Niraj Shah and Steve Conine about building a successful post-dot-com e-commerce company (with no venture funding.) [ MP3 ]

- "Changes in the World of Seed-Stage Investing." Performable founder David Cancel talks with Rob Go of NextView Ventures, Roy Rodenstein of Hacker Angels, David Frankel of Founder Collective, and Jo Tango of Kepha Partners. [ MP3 ]

- "Teens on Technology: What They Use and How They Use It," moderated by Nabeel Hyatt of Zynga Boston, with a mix of high school and college students. (Pictured above.) [ MP3 ]

- Christopher Meyer of Monitor Group interviews Stephen Wolfram, CEO of Wolfram Research and Author of "A New Kind of Science." [ MP3 ]

You can get a sense for what else happened at the event from the event's Twitter stream.

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