Thursday, April 30, 2015

Our 2015 cohort of Nantucket Conference 'Young Entrepreneurs'

We're grateful to the group of underwriters who are making it possible for this year's cohort of young founders to attend the Nantucket Conference "on scholarship." The eight founders are listed below, with the underwriters in brackets.
    • Alex LoVerde / Wymsee [CommonAngels]
    • Chris Yim / LibertyX [10X Partners]
    • Rebecca Liebman / LearnLux [10X Partners]
    • Dave Bisceglia / The Tap Lab [Boston University BuzzLab]
    • Toni Oloko / PracticeGigs [Constant Contact SMB InnoLoft]
    • Janet Aronica / Cube Riot [Dharmesh Shah]
    • Brin Chartier / Tablelist [Nantucket Conference Advisory Board]
    • Lauren Rhodes / MediaBite [University of New Hampshire]
This year's Nantucket Conference takes place June 4-6, and features founders, investors, and senior executives from Oracle, Acquia, Blade, Cape Air, Jibo, CVS Health, Pinterest, Seatgeek, Twitter, General Catalyst, Teespring, Fairhaven Capital, and more.