Friday, October 22, 2010

Future Forward 10: Sponsored Passes for Students

In recognition of the 10th year of Future Forward, Microsoft partnered with us to underwrite ten passes so that students may attend this year's program. Every year, we've made room for students to be part of Future Forward — but this is the largest group we've had thus far.

Students were asked:

Do you see yourself changing the world with new technology, impacting society with your ideas and making the world a better place?

From many responses, the ten students selected to participate at this year's program are:

    - Myles Leighton, Harvard College
    - Steven Zhang, Olin School of Engineering
    - Mi Li, Northeastern University
    - Yi Nan Wang, Northeastern University
    - Evan Morikawa, Olin School of Engineering
    - Tim Chae, Babson College
    - Eric Santagada, Northeastern University
    - Greg Skoot, Northeastern University
    - Qi Lu, Northeastern University
    - Praful Mathur, Northeastern University


  1. Congratulations to the ten individuals who were chosen.

    Are they all students, or are some graduates of their respective Universities or colleges?